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This is a compilation of projects and services of Drew Atienza. Drew is a visual tinkerer that exploits all technology, both ground breaking and time tested. Drew strives to bring unique and stunning visuals to life.

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How they made that Spike Jonze HomePod Apple Commercial | AD WEEK

I have been waiting for a "behind the scenes" video of the ad below to come out as from what I could figure, used a lot of practical effects and minimal CGI:

Watching the below behind the scenes video, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of familiar faces from the SIA camp. 

What I really like about this ad is that it wasn't all CGI, they used a TON of practical effects. I believe that live entertainment is getting a bit dry with just a ton of screens around the stage. Make something like a practical effect on stage and it ups the wow factor. 

You can read the full article from AD Week by clicking HERE