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This is a compilation of projects and services of Drew Atienza. Drew is a visual tinkerer that exploits all technology, both ground breaking and time tested. Drew strives to bring unique and stunning visuals to life.

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How Self-Driving Cars Use Lidar Laser Sensors to See | WIRED

An interesting video and read from WIRED for those that do not know what LiDAR is. As car technology develops this young technology, I can see it used in the future for the stage environment. As most automation systems do not actively "know" where an object is (it is inferred based on the 3D model being accurate, encoder feedback and nothing in the real-world being different or out of place in the 3D model), LiDAR could be used as a way to double check that everything is where the system believes it is. This system could be used as a safety check or "automated e-stop" if anything is out of place from what the automation system believes should be happening. I also believe once a system has been developed for the stage, this could feed into projection mapping, lighting, and sound systems as another way to do tracking. There are other technologies out there for 3D "real-time" analyzation like 3D Photometry (Like the TESLA uses), but you will still need something that translates those images into what it is seeing.