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Drew Atienza, Immersive Environment Specialist


This is a compilation of projects and services of Drew Atienza. Drew is a visual tinkerer that exploits all technology, both ground breaking and time tested. Drew strives to bring unique and stunning visuals to life.

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Mapping Matter - A projection study tool in your web browser!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of catching up with Francois, the main man behind Mapping Matter. I’ve personally used this toolset on several jobs and it really helps when you don’t have access to a 3D software package all rigged up with a lot of custom tools for doing what is needed in a projection study. There are several new updates to check out.

Texas Instruments' New Headlights Dazzle With a Million Pixels | WIRED

FOR THE MOST part, digital technology is all about dumping things that move. Complex engines are giving way to simpler computer-controlled electric motors. Mirrorless cameras no longer have to flip mirrors out of the way to take photos, the way DSLR’s do. In the burgeoning lidar laser-sensor business, developers are embracing solid state systems that do away with all that spinning. CD players pulling music tracks from spinning discs? Adios.

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