If you could create any world, what would it be?
If there were no boundaries, what story would you tell?

    As an Immersive Environment Specialist, we are asking those questions and making them happen. Through the use of projection mapping, augmented reality, illusion design, stage automation, scenery, sound, innovate display technologies, scent and atmosphere, we look at a cohesive design approach to make any story come to life. We strive to erase the seam between the real and digital world.

    We integrate multiple systems such as scenic elements, sound playback, automation control, bio feedback, RFID tracking, projector control, show control, camera tracking and much more to create a heightened reality at your control. We have created effects ranging from subtle accents to fully immersive settings. We can work to blend technology with the real world or make it stand out on its own.

    The impossible and unimagined are explored from blue sky to opening day. Fx Production Services strives to create original, engaging and visually stunning imagery. We provide scalable solutions to help you tell your story.